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We offer private violin, viola and piano lessons as well as group lessons.

Our courses are offered on two sites: Verbier and Lausanne.

Private violin lessons

The violin, more than 400 years old, is an instrument of the rubbed string family. Made mainly of maple and spruce, the violin is used with the bow, the latter composed of pernambuco wood and horsehair. The violin is the instrument of the string quartet with the highest tessiture. The violin is used for all kinds of music, from baroque music to jazz to traditional music. One can consider starting the study of the violin from the age of about 5 years.

Private viola lessons

The viola is part of the family of rubbed string instruments. It looks like the violin, but it's bigger, thicker, and has more bass strings. In a string quartet (2 violins, viola, cello), the viola holds the same place as the tenor in a vocal ensemble (soprano, viola, tenor and bass).

Private piano lessons

The piano is a polyphonic, keyboard musical instrument from the string-stricken family. The name of the instrument comes from an abbreviation of piano-forte, its 18th century ancestor, described by Scipione Maffei as a "gravecembalo collar piano e forte", i.e. a clavicord having the ability to nuance the sound in intensity directly by the touch of the keys, unlike the harpsichord or organ, playing gradually the piano nuance (softly) with strong shade (strong) is not possible with instruments like the harpsichord spruce or organ.



Justin Lamy

Professeur de violon


Viva Sanchez

Professeure de piano


Fanny Monnet

Professeure de piano

Karolina Rose

"The musician is someone who can be used to absolt from appeasement to one's neighbour, but he is also a reminder of what human excellence is."

Yehudi Menuhin, Artiste, Chef d'orchestre, Musicien, Violoniste (1916 - 1999)