Combins Music Academy, located in the heart of the Swiss Alps, is a dynamic music academy for musicians of all ages, all levels and all horizons. The Academy’s inspiring setting provides an environment conducive to musical learning and student development. Combins Music Academy stands out mainly for the quality of its teaching. Each teacher is an experienced musician and pedagogue, active in the Swiss and European music scene, in addition to holding a Master’s degree in pedagogy from a Swiss University of Music. Offering excellent teaching through private and group lessons, master classes and variable geometry training between students are the driving force behind the Combins Music Academy.

En plus d’être une institution pédagogique, l’Académie est aussi une plateforme pour jeunes musiciens professionnels. Chaque intervenant de l’Académie, soit comme professeur invité d’une classe de maître ou comme musicien au sein d’une formation musicale, dispose d’une médiatisation ​sur​ diverses plateformes. Cela offre ainsi ​une opportunité de plus,​ ​à de jeunes musiciens professionnels de demain, d’être mis en lumière.

Justin Lamy

A word from the Director

As a director and professional violinist, it is important to me to offer excellence through music education and to provide various pedagogical and musical opportunities to students. Excellent musical pedagogy allows the musician to develop his talents to the best of his abilities. It is this guiding principle which is put forward and which is paramount in the Académie de Musique des Combins. Young students as well as amateur musicians are encouraged to benefit from this excellence. One never knows where this apprenticeship of excellence can lead the budding musician!



Justin Lamy

Violin teacher


Fanny Monnet

Piano teacher


Viva Sanchez

Piano teacher

Karolina Rose

Piano teacher